Adult Psychotherapy

The following are brief descriptions of some of the primary issues in which I specialize:

Depression – Symptoms may include sadness, irritability, inability to enjoy hobbies, leisure activities or time with friends or family, or difficulty with concentration. Additionally, vague aches and pains or other physical symptoms, as well as changes/problems with eating or sleeping can be symptoms of depression.

Anxiety – The worry may be about general everyday things or specific fears and may include physical sensations (such as racing heart) and panic attacks (a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort, with multiple physical symptoms).

Grief – There are many definitions of this but I find this one by the American Academy of Bereavement especially useful- “Grief is a whole person response to the actual or threatened loss of anything to which we are psychologically attached.” People grieve losses of many kinds including loss of relationships, unfulfilled hopes and those arising from life changes.